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Etude Salon is a total beauty salon specifically designed with the client's pleasure and comfort in mind. Crafted to be a spacious and modern salon, clients are invited to relax into a total beauty experience.  Our highest priority is for clients to enjoy the space that they enter into and feel renewed and refreshed as they leave the space.

By creating a space that is visually and environmentally pleasing, Etude Salon provides a full sensory experience of high quality indulgence. To adapt to our ever changing environment, we have adjusted our indoor open layout to allow our clients and stylists to be at a safe and comfortable distance during their stay. The green wall installation serves to filter the salon air from any chemical procedural fumes.

Etude originates from the French word which means study. It is a short musical composition designed to demonstrate the technique of the player. At Etude, we are designed to demonstrate the skill and professionalism of our stylists with every design. Our philosophy is to continually be improving and adapting to provide the most present day design and trends, tailoring any style to each client. 

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